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My real name is Drew Nicholson. I havenʻt been blogging here for a while because I started an executive coaching business and did my blogging for that web site. I have decided to return the tech world and Iʻm doing some blogging here again to clarify my thoughts about the recruiting process since Iʻm getting some direct experience again. As someone coming back to the industry after a few years away, I suppose I should not be surprised it is still screwy! One of the reasons I use this blog is because itʻs my little place on the internet to be relatively anonymous.


I’ve been working in the software technology field for a few years on systems ranging from embedded operating systems, to supercomputer operating systems, to Windows.  I take some of the blame for getting the Internet in the hands of the masses having been rather vocal about including support for TCP/IP and PPP (and writing it) in the Dial Up Networking client in Windows 95.  If J had bothered to mention that I would be the only guy on the Chicago team who thought the Internet was important I might not have been in such a hurry to join up.  Now that it has been announced, I can also say I worked on the ARM port of Windows.  Too bad MS didn’t ship it a tiny bit sooner.  Like maybe in a smartphone before the iPhone launched.

If what I write makes me come off as either a fanboy or hater of Apple, Microsoft, Google, or anyone else, then that is you, not me, I’m a bit of a realist and I both like and dislike all the available platforms pretty much equally.  I didn’t care for the technology bigots who thought Apple was the only product that deserved to live on the Moto 68000 processor and ranted about how the Amiga and the Atari sucked.  I don’t care for technology bigots now.  Bigots of any stripe for that matter I suppose.

I am lucky enough to have taken a class with Jakob Nielsen in the distant past, and my thinking about technology is that either it works for its customers or it does not, and it is the job of those of us who make it to make sure it works for our customers.  Critics, pundits, bigots, fanboys, haters, and whiners of all stripes who were not involved need to soak their heads and cool off.  We don’t care what you think except to the extent it influences the people who buy and use our products.  Which isn’t all that much, no matter what you do to convince yourself otherwise.

I write my blogs here for me, to help get my thoughts straight.  And because this is one of the few things we thought the Internet would be good for.  I tend to write about things that I see that strike me as rather silly, or where somebody is simply not getting it.  As such, these really are my thoughts and no one else’s, hence I am solely responsible for them.  The things I write are definitely not news.  I’m also not afraid to be wrong.

Thinking about things and being wrong privately is how I typically end up being right when I go public with my ideas and the things I do.  Like internet support in win95.  Or the MVP development process in 1998.  Or coming up with the mouse touchpad for portable computers on a late night drive to Fargo on June 29, 1990.  I really would have been clever to patent that one.

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Hey Drew..Andrew ar Andy, whichever you prefer. I just found your blog. Roberta here.

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  • Roberta Koral: Hey Drew..Andrew ar Andy, whichever you prefer. I just found your blog. Roberta here.
  • globularity: Sharp analysis. -Davoid
  • Stephanie: What a marvelous article, thanks for writing it "friend."


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