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I donʻt know what the problem with ATT is, but they really want me to switch carriers.  In December I wanted to exit my grandfathered unlimited data plan and go on the Mobile Share plan so I could add a second phone line to my plan for a friend.  But for some reason unknown to all, I  could not make this change on ATTʻs web site and had to call customer support.  This took a nearly half hour phone call.  Nice.

Now Iʻm getting around to ordering the phone so my friend can pick it up at an Apple store.  I want to order it online as my friend lives in another state.  Guess what?  ATT no longer allows me to add a phone to my account from the Apple online store.  This is beyond ridiculous.  This appeared to work before.  Although, I will admit that was before I got the plan changed via a long phone call with ATT.

ATT, on their website, will allow me to add the phone.  But I cannot select store pickup.  Besides, I want Apple store pickup.  I do not want to subject my friend to the likely horrors of the ATT store.  The lines are long.  I want my friend to be able to go to the Apple store where she will get good service and set up correctly.  I trust Apple to make this work.  ATT?  Not even a little.

So I suppose tomorrow I will call ATT and find out what the deal is, and presumably have to tell my friend to go to the Apple store, and she will call me, and we will get her the phone that way.  What a pain in the ass.

I mentioned to my brother that perhaps it is time for me to switch to Verizon, and his response was “you know they will be no better.”  And I know he is correct!

I read articles from time to time how the carriers donʻt like having to deal with Appleʻs terms, and how Apple continues to change the balance of power in the smartphone business.  Good for them.  The carriers are morons and have no appreciation whatsoever for the extent which Apple has increased their business.  If not for Apple we would probably still be using phones little better than the Motorola Q.  Iʻm serious about that.  It didnʻt take Microsoft such a long time to make Windows Phone 7 because it was hard to make.  It took so long because they didnʻt think they needed to do any more with the Windows Phone OS after 6.5.

Every time my contract is about to run out I think pretty hard about living without a cell phone because quite honestly, it costs way more than it is truly worth.

Seriously everyone, the only advocate you have with the mobile carriers is Apple.  Everyone else just wants to use you and take your money and give you as little as they can possibly give you.  Google just wants to show you ads.  Samsung wants to sell products that keep their upstream factories in operation.  The carriers want to suck money out of your pocket with the lowest quality service they can get away with.  Only Apple is actually out there advocating for a quality product and experience for you, the customer.

So stick it to the man.  For your phone, buy an Apple iPhone, and buy it directly from Apple. That way Apple makes the most of the money you pay for the “service” of having a mobile phone, and Apple, unlike every other player in the mobile ecosystem, cares about your experience being good, as opposed to being merely tolerable.  Buy an iPhone, and buy it from Apple.

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