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I read on daring fireball and a couple of other places that the google maps app for ios6 is finally out.  Whoop de frakkin do. I donʻt much care.

I donʻt care about all the complaints folks have that appleʻs map data is wrong.  Or that googleʻs is better.  Whatever.  The the extent that googleʻs is better it is because they have been gathering the data that users have been providing them for years.  So that google can sell data about us to advertisers.  Apple makes stuff that I buy directly, and they are not selling my data.  So I prefer to support Apple.  Not that I like Apple all that much, but at least they are focused on making products I want to buy and serving me, not some third party.  Pay as you go means Iʻm the customer.

Remember Google 411?  You know, where you could call a google number, talk to your phone, and it would connect you?  It was great.  It was beyond great for the year and a half it was around.  Then it was gone.  Google had collected their data and they were done.  Keep that in mind the next time you whine about how Siri doesnʻt have as good a voice recognition engine as Google search.  You and I gave them the data.

If either of these companies want to make a map application I give a rip about perhaps they will make one that caches a boatload of maps on the phone so that the mapping app is still useful when Iʻm in the wilds of the great Pacific Northwest, or Idaho, or Montana, or any of the many places where I donʻt have data service and a map application is dependent on its data connection.  Until then I need to carry a separate GPS, and since I need to carry a separate GPS, the only time the map app is actually useful on the phone is when Iʻm out walking around, and then I can use my eyes and ask people for directions.

There is no way that Iʻm going to buy into the idea that I have now been locked in to using someoneʻs product because they have better technology because of the data we have collectively given them.  Apple did the right thing kicking google out and they did it at the right time.

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