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I havenʻt shared any of my random thoughts in quite a while I see, and this latest is too good not to note.

There is periodically random speculation that Apple will go to Intel to fab its chips.  (FYI: I work for Intel and have absolutely no knowledge about such business dealings, and if I did I would not be writing about it.)  With Appleʻs latest quarterly, I noticed that Apple could buy Intel.  For cash.  And still have money left over.

That is nothing less than amazing.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple (1997 – 15 years ago) Steve asked Bill Gates for a little money and a promise that Microsoft Office would continue to support the Mac, and Bill gave both ($150M as I recall).  This show of faith was one of the things that kept Apple out of bankruptcy.

Some years later Apple switched over to Intel processors for the Mac and Intel supplied a bunch of engineers to help out, eager for the business and the trophy.  Paul Otellini even shared the stage with Steve Jobs when they announced the achievement 6 months ahead of schedule.  I was told by my then boss, who was present (and I worked at MSFT at the time), that when Bill and Paul next met Paul said “It was only 1000 of them.”  This was 2006 – not quite 7 years ago.

Fast forward to today, and Apple has, well, a huge stack of cash.  The market leading products in all the categories of physical computer goods anyone seems to care about.  Lots and lots of momentum.  Increasing control of its destiny.

My how things change.  From beggar to master in 15 years.

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