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I was listening to the radio the other day and a Todd Rundgren song was on.  It was a really good one that I liked and I listened to the end.  At the end of the song the DJ came on and talked about the song.  And he made an interesting comment.  “Did you ever read one of those interviews with an artist and they talk about a song they wrote and it was like they just wrote it in two minutes and they were done?  Like it didn’t mean anything to them, and it was one of those songs that meant a lot to you and you somehow felt they didn’t have the connection with it that you felt from it, so that somehow left you feeling like something was missing?”  He went on to say that he had to decide that the song meant what it meant for him, the same way musicians have to accept that once they put a song out there, people will get what they get from it, and that won’t necessarily be what the musician had in mind when they wrote the song.

Haven’t we all had these experiences?  The experience where there is something out there in the world and it lights up a sense of connection that you find deep and powerful?  And then maybe you are a little disappointed to discover that the creator found it easy and effortless.  Did you feel like since such an experience is so rare and powerful that it should have been somehow difficult to create the work that was so powerful and fulfilling?

I think that feeling this way is missing the point, the truth of the matter.  The whole reason that your experience of the work was so pure and powerful is that the artist’s creation of it was completely pure and effortless and that comes through to you and you are touching, feeling, and experiencing the direct connection the artist had with whatever it was outside themselves that they were a conduit for, a greatness, clarity, and truth so profound that the artist was able to get out of the way and let it just come out so that you could experience in your life as the perfection that such an experience could be.

Now if you want to project onto the artist that an act of such creation should be difficult, challenging, or even painful, that is your business.  I don’t believe that serves you in anyway, but that is your business and not mine.  Myself, I prefer to realize that what is actually happening is that the artist did make a direct connection with god, god flowed through them without resistance, and when I connect with the work then I get the experience of feeling god in myself in a way that reminds me that this infinite connection exists inside me if I simply allow myself to feel it.  It was all effortless because that is how things work.

I have a motorcycling friend who refers to himself as Shibumi.  I asked him what this meant, and for him, it referred to “A state of effortless grace.”  Just the idea that such a state exists and can be experienced by mortals is a really positive idea.

I think that we all have the opportunity to exist in a state of effortless grace, and part of that is to be who we are.  Not what others think we should be, not what we think others want us to be, and not even what we think we should be.  I mean be who we are.  And when we are being who we are one of the things we experience is the state of effortless grace where things just work.  Todd Rundgren wrote songs that connected with people in a deep and meaningful way without effort because he was being who he was at the time.

When you are who you are, you know it.  When you are around people who are being who they are, you know it.  Start noticing what is present when you are having these experiences, and have more of that more of the time, and be more of who you are more of the time.  Keep doing it until you are who you are all the time and see how much more you like it.

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